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Lanham Construction Company, Inc. engages in the following construction activities:


Patching Footers (Structural)
Removal Underpinning (Structural)
Replacement Pool Decks
New Slabs (On Grade & Decking)
Curb and Gutter Steps
Decorative (Exposed, Stained, and Colored)
Modifications (Retrofitting Interior and Exterior)


Repair Work New Work
Historic Repairs Modifications
Foundation Walls Glass Blocks
Decorative Structures Flagstone
Decorative Pavers Stonewalls
Keystone Blocks Openings thru Existing

Waterproofing and Grading:

Drainage Pipes Drainage Swales
Catch Basins Manholes
Backfilling Regrading
Excavation End Walls
Rip-Rap Lining Erosion Control
French Drains Sump Pumps
Exterior Waterproofing Systems
Interior Water Management Systems

Retaining Walls:

Brick Block
Stone Landscape Ties
Keystone Blocks Concrete


Demolition "Bob-Cat" Service
Soil & Aggregate Delivery Bollards Installation
Loading Dock Repairs
Debris Removal & Hauling
Asphalt Pavement Repairs (Pot Holes & Dig-Up)

Apartments/Condos - Residential - Commercial 

Retrofit/Office & Retail - Pool Decks

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